Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself coc chanel

Inspirational | #MotivationalMonday No.2

Good morning Dazzlers and happy monday! For this week’s Motivational Monday I’m sharing my new favourite beauty quote, which I’ve just stumbled across (oh the joys of the Internet!) But actually as I’ve been thinking about writing and sharing this post, it struck me that this is about more that just outer beauty and how we choose to present ourselves to…

Strawberry blueberry maple glazed bacon muffin recipe2

The ultimate breakfast muffin: Strawberry, Blueberry and Maple Bacon Muffin recipe

A delicious tribute to my favourite American breakfast! American style pancakes served with bacon and maple syrup inspired this recipe. The addition of berries in the mixture give a flavoursome and juicy texture to the muffins, a great contrast against the sweet and crunchy maple bacon. Unfortunately this is not the healthiest of muffin recipes – although the inclusion of…

Beautiful Street Art

In April 2014 Public turned areas of Perth in Western Australia into an outdoor art exhibition as both local and international artists gathered to fill streets with murals and street art, projections, and installations. Now you can still see the remains of this event as areas of the city have been dramatically changed, they are now awash with colour as previously plain, boring walls have been transformed into beautiful and lasting murals.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be shown round Perth by friends and family who live there and discovered Wolf Lane – possibly one of my new favourite lanes in the world and home to the following works of art.

Street Art in Wolf Lane, Perth:

The entrance to Wolf Lane —> follow the arrow and the colour…

Public street art wolf lane perth

Below is a gallery of images from Wolf Lane, click on an image to enlarge, see more details and for commenting on and reblogging individual images. Enjoy!


Lets start with a confession...

Let’s start with a confession…

Hello Dazzlers and happy (nearly) weekend! Today I’m doing a rehash and updated version of my very first blog post – it’s an important one to revisit. I’ve always loved Glee, my friends and I followed it avidly through university. It was a good time of life to be watching it as we (like many of the characters) were figuring out…

New Years Eve Fireworks

2015 New Year Resolutions

Hello Dazzlers and Happy New Year! This evening we say a fond farewell to 2014 and count down to a new year and all that it brings with it (or maybe your planning on doing a metal dropkick and boot 2014 away for good, we’ve all done that to many a year and that’s okay too). Either way with New Years…

Love Your Silver Kerry September

Inspiration | An Interview with Love Your Silver Founder: Kerry September

Good morning Dazzlers and Happy Monday to you all. Today I bring you a quick interview with the very talented Kerry September, who founded the jewellery company Love Your Silver. She has been designing jewellery since she was 16 and takes inspiration from her love of 70s childhood – think Rollerskates and Spacehoppers, Strawberries, Stars and Mermaids. I’ve been picking…

#MotivationMonday No.1

Good morning Dazzlers and happy Monday!

Today I’d like to share my (current) favourite quote for a bit of motivation at the beginning of the week.

Watermarked Photo

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week, have the courage to start crossing your metaphorical oceans (and I apologise for the slight inconsistency with the panorama picture above, the boat was rather wobbly).


Welcome to our new website!

Hello Dazzlers! Happy Monday and welcome to our brand new DeeperDazzle blog — please explore, enjoy and let us know what you think! I would also like to thank Amelia Kosminsky who took our new header photograph in a very spontaneous photo shoot (on an iPhone because she is super cool and talented)! You can see more of her gorgeous photographs here.…


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